Saturday, April 12, 2008

Baby's first fruits

When Arthur was about 7 months, I have started giving him fruits.

True to many suggestions, I have found a very ripe banana (almost spoilt but not brown yet) is an easy and nutritious option. However, like me, many Malaysian Chinese will probably find that the 'tradition' is not to feed baby any banana as it will attract phlegm. Hmm.. it was ok for Arthur.

Simply, the banana can be mashed with a fork and spoon fed to baby.

Papaya was also a favourite due to it's soft texture and sweet... similar to the banana, really. So, all you have to do is to mash it with a fork and feed to baby.

One particular fruit that was easy and Arthur liked lots was the Pear. Unlike banana and papaya, pear can actually be the meal itself. As you would have encountered with jar food (e.g. Heinz or Gerber), you would have seen one of the more popular fruit would be apple... next is pear... while apples have to be poached to soften it before giving to baby, pear is easy.

With the green pear, all you have to do is to let it be ripe enough (very soft to touch). Then, just cut a small opening (something like a bite... or, you could just bite a bit off) and start scooping it out with a spoon to feed. Easy as jar food and fresh, too ;)