Friday, May 4, 2012

Cake Pops

Planning ahead, I started searching for party ideas for Arthur's birthday in June and came across cake pops. Admittedly, the very first time I saw such thing was at a local Starbucks... they just have the regular, chocolate-coated cake pops on sticks... something which triggered me to search for more information.

So, there was this unscheduled birthday party of one of hubby's cousin... and, that gave me a chance to try them out ;) 

Any cakes would do and I used lemon cakes...

I have seen lots of version online but did not refer to any particular one when making them... Instead of the lollipop ball shape, I baked the cakes as mini cupcakes and trim the excess off to the shape of a mini cake.

I had gotten the lollipop sticks from a local baking ingredients shop earlier in preparation for 'when needed' and this was 'when needed' :)

Birthday girl loves them very much... so much she wanted them all!

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