Friday, May 4, 2012


Saw a photo of a smörgåstårta on Pinterest and thought I'd give this interesting idea a try. It looks really appealing, appetising and yummy... the last which depends greatly on your preference on the filling and of course, your taste ;)

I won't consider my 'production' a smörgåstårta mainly because the real thing looks much better and probably requires more work :p) but it certainly impressed the crowd when we brought it for the potluck picnic it was intended for.

All I did was to cut the sandwich bread to shape (it takes four slices cut into a quartered circle for one layer) and layer them with fillings of my choice. 

Basically, (from the bottom layer), I had...

4 pieces of white sandwich bread, cut to shape
a layer of canned tuna (one can is just right)
a layer of sliced zucchini (about half a zucchini did the job)
4 pieces of wholemeal sandwich bread, cut to shape
a layer of sliced crabsticks
a layer of sandwich cheese (4 pieces)
4 layer of white sandwich bread, cut to shape
top decorated with a layer of creamed corn, shredded lettuce and cherry tomatoes

If you like the idea as much as I do, google 'smörgåstårta' and be impressed with the full version covered with cream cheese frosting and more!

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